Our Products

Various types of exclusive flowering houseplants are sold under the name "Rich Sense", such as the whimsical Adenium Obesum, the striking Aphelandra Squarrosa Dania and Botanica, the spectacular Caladium, the  exuberant flowering Crossandra Fortuna, the extravagant Curcuma Siam, the delicious scented Gardenia Jasminoides, the artistic Jatropha Podagrica and Multifida, the tropical Plumeria Hawaiian and the vibrant Starcluster. In addition to these products, we are always working on new varieties. We call these plants our Specials and they now include the Iresine and the Geogenanthus Midnight pearl.

A list of our plants can be found below, click on the product for background information about the plant and for extensive care tips.

For business information click on the floraXchange link. When a product cannot be delivered, this link isn't working. Do you wish information about numbers, prices, trays and numbers per trolley please contact 1 of our sales people. (we do not sell to consumers)

Adenium Obesum is available from March to October
Aphelandra Squarrosa Dania is available from may till december
Aphelandra Squarrosa Botinica is available the whole year
Caladium is available from March to October
Crossandra Fortuna is available from March to October
Curcuma Siam is available from April to October
Gardenia Jasminoides is available all year round
Jatropha Multifida is available from May to October
Jatropha Podagrica is available from March to October
Plumeria Hawaiian is available from March to October
Starcluster is available from March to October

 All "Rich Sense" products are available via Decorum Company